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We know that everyone is looking for the competitive edge when it comes to preparing for a promotion and here at TopSpot Training we want to provide you with the most comprehensive training designed to fit your schedule. With TopSpot, everything is online, at your pace, with 24-7 access. Take a look at each section below and get a preview of what you receive with your membership.

Richard Dean
Director of Marin Consulting Associates and TopSpot Training
Retired Lodi, California Police Lieutenant

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A comprehensive promotional interview study outline covering everything from types of oral boards and study techniques to question analysis and answer delivery. To accompany your study outline, view a series of training videos detailing how to best prepare for your oral board interview. These videos feature Richard Dean, a 38-year law enforcement veteran and professional training consultant.

Here’s a small section of the study outline and two corresponding training videos:

  1. Psychological Preparation
    1. Make Up Your Mind that You Want the Promotion
    2. Believe it is Attainable
      1. Avoid negative self-talk
    3. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others
      1. There is nothing you can do about your competition
      2. It is the best prepared, not the most qualified, that gets promoted
        1. Preparation leads to confidence
  1. Do Not Engage in Mind Games with Others
    1. You cannot trust how prepared or unprepared someone says they are
  2. Start Thinking like a Sergeant (or the rank you are testing for) immediately
    1. Consider what you would do if you were a sergeant
      1. It is great practice
      2. It will ultimately help you make better decisions


Hundreds of videos of good, better, and best responses by real police officers answering a wide variety of promotional oral board questions. These interview questions are organized into nine different categories: opening statements, bragging points, supervisory and leadership concepts, policy and procedure, tactical or emergency operations, personnel issues, tough choices, hot topics, closing comments.

Here are a couple of sample questions:

  1. You learn that your Lieutenant has just granted the request of an employee, when you had previously denied the same request. How would you handle the situation?
  1. What role does a supervisor play in motivating employees and how do you plan to fulfill that role?


See what it takes to succeed with nine full-length interview videos. Watch hours of footage featuring our highest scoring sergeant candidates participating in mock oral board interviews.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect interview, but here’s an example of a successful one:


Put your skills to the test with simulated interviews. Choose to be asked random questions by category or take full-length interviews. With a camera equipped computer or device, you can record, save, and review your responses.

Here’s a sample question and sample full simulated interview:

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TopSpot Training was created and developed by Marin Consulting Associates. MCA has been dedicated to serving public service agencies since 1979.

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